Yoogo Pink

Pink Yoogo Keychain Discreet without going unnoticed!   Original Yoogo keychain made of a solid, ultra resistant polymer blend* that will neve … Read more
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Pink Yoogo Keychain

Discreet without going unnoticed!


  1. Original Yoogo keychain made of a solid, ultra resistant polymer blend* that will never break;
  2. UV protector added to the blend to maintain mechanical properties of polymer;
  3. Lightfast coloring for a long lasting pink keychain;
  4. One hand assembled 15 mm ring with 70 kg (155 pounds) pull resistance;
  5. Two 28 mm rings with 47 kg (105 pounds) pull resistance;
  6. Free online training to learn how to handle it in minutes;
  7. Engraved serial number allowing a key return service that is free and safe;
  8. Designed, molded, assembled and packed in Canada;
  9. Industrial grade rings made in the USA;
  10. One-year warranty from purchase date.


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*: All components of the main piece (polymers, coloring, additives) are NON-TOXIC to be handled extensively without any harm to your health.

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10 cm
11.5 cm
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