Yoogo Keychains Videos


1) See the two basic grips you can use for defense and how fast you can switch while keeping the Yoogo keychain at hand. From the main site uses section.


2) Note the range of directions in witch the Yoogo keychain can increase defense action efficiency.


3) Handle your keys with one hand. Hold your keys while you grasp or manipulate something else.


4) Demonstration of the rings and polymer blend strength found in every Yoogo keychain.


5) Note that the actions can be executed without particular technical skills*. If the Yoogo keychain is hold properly, the instinctive defense actions become very effective. In a hurry, skip to 0:45.


New videos will be available soon.

*: Only the forward punch is a move that requires some technical skills. Facing real danger, it is likely that most people will not execute forward punch moves. Usually, other more instinctive actions come out naturally.