Yoogo keychain! Effective for defense:

Yoogo keychain effective for defense in many ways

Some ways you can use the Yoogo keychain for defense

Since keys alone can be very effective for defense and that the Yoogo keychain helps better hold them, the assembly of both significantly increases the effectiveness and the versatility and how fast you can use your keychain for defense.

As discreet for defense as it is daily, it also allows surprise effect.

The instinctive defense actions become easily more effective with the Yoogo keychain. In a hurry, skip to 0:45.

Note that the actions can be executed without particular technical skills*.

 Built to last

*: Only the forward punch is a move that requires some technical skills. Facing real danger, it is likely that most people will not execute forward punch moves. Usually, other more instinctive actions come out naturally.